One Direct Democracy



One Direct Democracy was founded by Adam Radly and the great thing about direct democracy is that our political bias doesn’t matter because we will never have any power. The people will always have all of the power. With all of that said, here is a statement from the founder of One Direct Democracy:

Transparency is important so I want to provide a simple and direct answer to that question.

I am the founder of One Direct Democracy and IIMAGINE. Neither I or One Direct Democracy or IIMAGINE have any affiliation with any political party or any corporation or any religion or religious organization. There are also no external investors and I have no co founders. It’s just me.

So the only question left is – what is my political bias? There is no party that represents my views because I am on the left when it comes to social issues and I am on the right when it comes to fiscal issues. There’s a lot of people that have this political profile and I did consider starting an independent party to represent the large number of people that have similar views. Then I realized that creating a new independent party that operated within a Representative Democracy framework will not solve any problems because it will just be another version of the same political garbage.

The reality is that we have reached a point in time in our evolution where Representative Democracy no longer serves the will of the people and technology can solve the problems that made Direct Democracy impractical.

That’s why I created One Direct Democracy. It’s a movement for upgrading the global democratic system by taking the power away from politicians and putting it in the hands of the people by using Direct Democracy.

I’ve created the technology and a plan for how we can make this work.

Direct Democracy is the purest form of democracy. Representative Democracy is an outdated blunt instrument.