Start A Chapter Of One Direct Democracy In Your Area

Want To Start A Direct Democracy Party In Your Jurisdiction?

If somebody wants to start a political party based Direct Democracy they will need two things – a Direct Democracy framework and the technology to mange it all.
A framework is required for people to understand how the democratic process will operate. Here are some examples of things that need to be considered:
    1. When generating ideas to solve a problem in your community, will you only allow ideas from members of the voting community or will you allow ideas from anyone?
    2. What is the minimum number of votes required for it to be considered representative of the entire community?
    3. When will voting start and how much time will you allow for voting?
    4. How will the issues that require a vote be prioritized?
    5. Can people convey their vote to anyone or or can they only convey their vote to the party leader or an expert?
The software needs to include features that allow the Direct Democracy framework to operate as efficiently as possible.
If you want to start a political party based on Direct Democracy in your country or region or community you can establish a chapter of the One Direct Democracy. You will be given a license to use the One Direct Democracy name and the One Direct Democracy framework and you will be given a license to use a dedicated version of the IIMAGINE software for your community. This saves you an enormous amount of time and money and allows you to focus on improving your community instead of inventing a new framework and developing software to manage it.
The only thing you need to do is to register the political party in your jurisdiction according to the rules of your jurisdiction. Keep in mind that this usually involves collecting a minimum number of signatures that support the establishment of the party.
The reality is that we have reached a point in time in our evolution where Representative Democracy no longer serves the will of the people and technology can solve the problems that made Direct Democracy impractical.
That’s why I created One Direct Democracy. It’s a movement for upgrading the global democratic system by taking the power away from politicians and putting it in the hands of the people by using Direct Democracy.
I’ve created the technology and a plan for how we can make this work.

Contact us if you want to discuss setting up a chapter of ODD in your jurisdiction.