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Most democracies are representative democracies. 
When an election is called, politicians will tell you what they stand for and what they plan to do if they win the election. You vote for the politician of your choice and, if they win, they will represent you in government.
When the government has to vote on new laws or policies, the politician you elected to represent you will vote on your behalf – and you have no say in how they vote.
The alternative to Representative Democracy is Direct Democracy. In a Direct Democracy, people can vote on new laws and policies directly instead of electing somebody to vote on their behalf.

One Direct Democracy [“ODD”] is an organization that is focused on upgrading the outdated global democratic system by replacing it with a direct democracy framework so that people can vote directly on issues and control their own future rather than elect a politician and just hope they do a good job.


ODD is a movement for upgrading the global democratic system by taking the power away from politicians and putting it in the hands of the people by using Direct Democracy.

People can obtain a license to establish ODD in their jurisdiction and use the ODD framework and the IIMAGINE software to manage everything including voting. 

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ODD was founded by Adam Radly. More here.

For now, the best way to get involved is to follow us on social and share content about direct democracy. We are constantly updating our platform. We’re also developing content that you will be able to use as part of a strategy for spreading direct democracy around the world.

The interesting thing about wolves is that they are an apex predator in parts of world that also include bears. But, if a bear and wolf get into a fight the bear always wins.

So why are wolves the apex predator? Well, what happens if it’s one bear against 2 wolves. The bear still wins. What about 3,4 or five wolves? This is when the wolves win and the reason is because the wolves have a sophisticated social structure that allows them to work as a team. The bear, on the other hand, has raw power but is too stupid to work with other bears.

If any one of us take on a powerful politician, we will lose. If we work together, we can take down any bear anytime.