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Power To The People

We can take the power away from politicians by simply deciding to do it.

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What Is Direct Democracy?

The people vote on issues directly so people have all the power and politicians have no power?

ideas from the people

Direct democracy just means that the people vote directly on issues. That’s important but we can do better. The people should also identify the most important problems and develop the best ideas. 

everybody particpates

Everybody has a seat at the table. Everybody participates in the debate. Everybody has access to the same information in the same place at the same time. Complete transparency from start to finish.

no left or right

Take left and right and throw it out the window. Vote in any way you want on any issue as an individual. No two humans have the same view on everything. Forcing us to fit into two boxes is outdated and plain stupid.

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The One Democracy Framework

The important point to remember is that Direct Democracy just means that the people will vote directly on an issue. It does not mean anything else. The rules that govern what will be voted on and how and whether a law will pass are all determined by the Direct Democracy framework that a country or region decides to adopt. So, the framework is more important than the concept of Direct Democracy in isolation

Start A Party

If somebody wants to start a political party based Direct Democracy they will need two things – a Direct Democracy framework and the technology to manage it all.

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